About Us

Battlefield, a name synonymous with adventure, thrill, adrenaline & strategy, is a unique outdoor Extreme Sports facility situated at Lake View Park, Islamabad. Since our inception on May 1st, 2009, our prime
objective has been to provide a safe, team oriented extreme sports arena where one is presented with an assortment of exciting activities.

Team building, communication, execution & skill development are a few of the building blocks our facility offers, Battlefield is spread
over an area of two acres (85,000 sq. ft.), & at present we are offering five high quality sporting activities: Paintball, Bungee
Trampoline, Zip-line, Orbitron, & Mini Golf. Furthermore, Battlefield has a fully equipped restaurant & snack bar, a seating area in the
heart of all the action, computerized ticketing & a backup generator.

Seize the opportunity & experience a day filled with stimulating activities that will not only expand you horizons, but leave you desiring more.
With a challenging 18 hole professionally designed course, this attraction will keep you thinking & testing your skills as you struggle to achieve the objective at hand so grab a club & prepare to “Putt Putt away & enjoy the many laughs & sighs as your mental capacity & patience is tested to its limits.
In this twirling attraction, the rider gets a chance to experience a range of G-forces similar to those felt by a fighter pilot Developed originally by NASA for training astronauts, it has gained popularity across the world as a true engineering marvel. The “Orbitron” will challenge you to maintain orientation as it spins & turns leaving you with an experience unmatched