Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is an action-filled recreational activity that involves head-first jumping from a tall structure with an elastic cord attached into participants' feet. That tall structure can be a building, crane, bridge or even a helicopter. The first modern bungee jump was in 1979 and since then the sport became widely popular. Bungee jumping is one of the most enjoyed extreme sports and available in almost every destination in the world, so does at Battlefield islamabad.

How to do Bungee Jumping?

Bungee jumping is for everyone aged over sixteen and does not require prior experience. You don’t buy any equipment; you are just there to enjoy it. The most crucial part of bungee jumping is being able to gather enough courage to do it.  Also, there are precautions to take for security purposes. Bungee jumping may have health risks for people who are overweight or with injuries. Pregnant women, people with heart problems and high blood pressure are not advised to do bungee jumping. If you are in doubt, make sure to consult to your doctor before deciding. 

What Equipment is Needed for Bungee Jumping?

Bungee Cord

Bungee cord is the most important piece of equipment you will be using in your bungee jumping experience and will be attached to your ankle with a harness. A bungee cord is mostly made of multiple strands of rubber and natural latex. Bungee cords are discarded after 500 to 1000 jumps to ensure safety.


Two harnesses will be attached to your body during your bungee jump, one to your ankle and another one to your body to increase safety.   

Rubber Cord

Some bungee jumping facilities add another safety feature such as the extra  rubber cord to maximize safety. If you are planning to travel with your equipment, there might be additional costs. You can click here to check the extra services price table. 

Useful Tips for Bungee Jumping

  • There is not a strict clothing directive in bungee jumping, anything you are comfortable in works. It is not recommended for women to wear a dress or high heels though. 
  • If you are scared of the height you are in, it is totally normal to decide not to jump beforehand but it is crucial to make that decision before jumping, not in the last step.
  • You should carefully listen and trust the jump instructors since they go through in-depth international training to become a qualified instructor. 
  • Try not to eat much before your jump; it is even better to jump with an empty stomach. 
  • Avoid carrying valuable items with you since they can fall and distract you from the experience.  

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